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SUP – Verleihlogosupcenter

supcenter Tegernsee
Adrian-Stoop-Str. 50, 83707 Bad Wiessee, Bootshaus


aktuelles Material von Starboard steht täglich für Dich bereit!

Verleihkonditionen (Allround-/Tour-/Race-/Inflatable-Boards inkl. Paddel)

je Stunde 10er Karte
(10 Std.)
(30 Tage)
Board & Paddel 15,00 € 135,00 € 120,00 € 350,00 €
 XXL Board und Paddel für
8 Personen
 60,00 €

Monats- und Saisonkarte: Materialnutzung jederzeit am supcenter auf dem Tegernsee (Schulungsbetrieb hat Vorrang)

SUP – Verkauf

Neues und gebrauchtes Material von Starboard jederzeit im Angebot und zum Testen direkt vor Ort!

Unsere Kauf – Empfehlungen für 2017:

Boards (Inflatables, inkl. Boardbag, Pumpe und Finne)

  • Starboard Astro Atlas Zen 12′ x 33″
    Fastest glide and ultra stable for those learning to paddle, the Atlas is a fantastic cruising board for the entire family!
    € 1.049,-


  • Starboard Touring Zen 12’6″ x 31″
    Fast, stable and ready to expolore! A highly efficient shape for cruising and exploring with good glide to cover distance!
    € 1.099,-






Eco Program von Starboard 2017

Want to protect what you love?
Get on board…

Yes – we’ve seen the news about sea turtles gulping down plastic bags, of coral reefs dying, and how sea levels are rising fast.
So Starboard is now rising to the challenge of protecting our oceans in the only way we know – with innovation & quality.
We’re starting first with our products: beginning this year (2017 models) you’ll see all of our composite boards and fins being made with non toxic, plant-based resins. Our paddles will all follow suit during the season with the use of bio resins, and we’ll even be transitioning to recycled and plant-based traction pads.
We’re also shifting our packaging towards bio-based & recycled materials vs. petroleum wherever we can, and eliminating plastic films altogether.
For each board shipped we plant one Mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, absorbing up to 1 ton CO2 over 20 years.
Our team and partners share a vision for creating a better future. We are proud to work with the most engaged crew and look forward to enjoying the oceans while protecting them.

Beratung und Verkauf:

Bootshaus seeseitig des Hotel Terrassenhof
Adrian-Stoop-Str. 50
83707 Bad Wiessee

Ansprechpartner: Stephan Eder & Philipp Zeikat

47°42’59.75″N  *  11°43’43.40″E

Tel: +49 (0) 8022 18841-26
Fax:+49 (0) 8022 18841-27